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August 2010 Newsletter

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Table of Contents:

1)   SUG-TX August 24th Meeting – TechWave 2010 Wrap-Up
2)   Join the SUG-TX LinkedIn Group
3)   Future SUG-TX Meetings
4)   Sybase Extends Leadership in Advanced Analytics to Customers Around The World
5)   Sybase Launches Breakthrough Technology for Extremely Fast Replication and Real-Time Analytics Support
6)   International Sybase User Group Events
7)   Sybase Events
8)   OpenSolaris / Houston User Group for Sun (HUGS) Meeting
9)   Sybase Training Schedule (Aug – Dec)

1)  SUG-TX August 24th Meeting – TechWave 2010 Wrap-Up

The Sybase Users’ Group of Texas will hold their next meeting on Tuesday, August 24, 2010.  The presentation will be a Wrap Up of the TechWave 2010 conference held August 9-11, 2010 in Washington DC.  Join Don Clayton, SUG-TX President, Jeff Wayt, SUG-TX Vice-President, and Cindy Bean, SUG-TX Secretary, as they bring back information on the development and database topics.


4:00pm – 4:30pm    Introduction, Welcome, Q&A
4:30pm – 5:10pm    TechWave Wrap Up – Database
5:10pm – 5:50pm    TechWave Wrap Up – Development
5:50pm – 6:00pm   Wrap Up
6:30pm -                Post meeting discussions at Champps Americana (at the Uptown location)

The meetings are held at HAL-PC, 4543 Post Oak Place, Suite 200, Houston, TX 77027 (map).  Members frequently continue discussions at Champps Sports Bar after the meeting while waiting for traffic to subside.

2)  Join the SUG-TX LinkedIn Group

The Sybase Users’ Group of Texas has a group in LinkedIn.  If you wish to join, submit a request.  You can find the group by searching for “Sybase Texas” in the groups directory.  Contact if you have any questions.

3)  Future SUG-TX Meetings

Mark your calendar for future topics for SUG-TX Meetings:

·         September 28:               Appeon 6.5
·         October 26:                   TBD
·         November 23:               No Meeting – Thanksgiving week
·         December:                    Holiday Party

Topics for future meetings are subject to change based on speaker availability and scheduling.  Watch the newsletter for details for each meeting.  A meeting will not be held in November due to proximity to the Thanksgiving holiday.  December is the annual holiday party.  SUG-TX usually meets on the 4th Tuesday so add a recurring appointment on your calendar and watch for future meeting announcements and newsletters for details.

4)  Sybase Extends Leadership in Advanced Analytics To Customers Around The World

Sybase IQ Brings Unprecedented Capability and Functionality to Demanding Analytics Environments Through Leading Industry Partnerships

SAN DIEGO, CA — TDWI 2010 — AUGUST 16, 2010 — Sybase, Inc., an SAP company (NYSE: SAP) and industry leader in enterprise and mobile software, today announced the continued growth of the Sybase® IQ partner ecosystem. Through key relationships with companies such as Bradmark Technologies, Fuzzy Logix, ISYS Search Software, Kapow Technologies, SAS, Tableau Software, and Zend Technologies, Sybase IQ analytics server continues to deliver unprecedented capability and functionality to the demanding analytics environments of its more than 1,800 customers and 3,200 installs worldwide.

“Sybase has continued to strengthen its Sybase IQ analytics solution through its own internal development and with a wide range of partnerships,” said Dan Vesset, Program Vice President of Business Analytics at IDC. “By partnering with a range of key business analytics solution providers, Sybase is able to significantly extend the value of the Sybase IQ offering in established  markets while opening up new use cases for their solution.”

The growing support and partner ecosystem for Sybase IQ enables customers to create comprehensive data management and analytics solutions that are easy to acquire, integrate and implement:

Bradmark Technologies: Bradmark Technologies, a provider of data management solutions and services, recently released Surveillance IQ for Sybase IQ 15. Surveillance IQ provides proactive infrastructure monitoring and management solutions for Sybase IQ customers, reducing the time it takes to identify and resolve database issues and track departmental usage.
Fuzzy Logix: Sybase has announced its intention to sign a reseller agreement with Fuzzy Logix, a high-tech business product and advisory company, whose analytics libraries enable rapid, high-performance and pervasive analytics via the Sybase IQ in-Database Analytics Partner option.
ISYS Search Software: Sybase has announced its intention to enter into an agreement with ISYS Search Software under which Sybase will resell ISYS Document Filters as a key component for text analytics in Sybase IQ. Combined with the new text analytics features in version 15.2 of Sybase IQ, ISYS® Document Filters address the unique unstructured text extraction and information access needs of analytic applications—e-discovery, fraud detection and  forensic analysis.
Kapow Technologies : Kapow Technologies’ Web Data Server  has completed certification with Sybase IQ, expanding the data available to users of the Sybase IQ Unstructured Data Analysis option. Kapow Web Data Server, together with Sybase IQ, eliminate the complexities associated with both noise-free data extraction and deep, rich text analysis.  This game changing solution enables companies to build complex data models involving an unlimited number of data sources.
SAS: SAS, a leader in business analytics software and services, has introduced the SAS/ACCESS® Interface to Sybase IQ, an out-of-the-box solution that provides integration between SAS® and Sybase IQ. This module enables customers to read, write and update data in a way that makes data appear native to SAS.
Tableau Software: Tableau®, a provider of fast analytics and data visualization software, has released Tableau 5.2, with integration to Sybase IQ. This release brings Tableau’s browser-based analytics, active dashboards and business intelligence capabilities to Sybase IQ environments and extends them to anyone in an organization.
Zend Technologies: Sybase IQ has been certified with Zend Server 5.0, an enterprise-ready Web Application Server for running and managing PHP applications on Linux, Windows or IBM i. Zend Technologies, Inc. is the leading provider of products and services for developing, deploying and managing business-critical PHP applications.

“We’ve seen overwhelming support for Sybase IQ from our partner community,” said Dan Lahl, Senior Director, Product Marketing, Sybase. “We are committed to continuing to build an ecosystem around Sybase IQ that will allow us to further serve our customer base by putting actionable intelligence into the hands of decision makers across the organization. Independent software vendors are working quickly to integrate with Sybase IQ to bring joint solutions to the market in record time.”

For the full story, go to

5)  Sybase Launches Breakthrough Technology for Extremely Fast Replication and Real-Time Analytics Support

New Release of Replication Server Includes Patent Pending Technology for High Volume, Immediate Data Transfer Requirements

WASHINGTON, DC — SYBASE TECHWAVE 2010 — August 10, 2010 — Sybase, Inc., an SAP company (NYSE: SAP), and industry leader in delivering enterprise and mobile software, today announced transformative new features for the latest version of Sybase® Replication Server®, Sybase’s database replication product supporting change data capture, data distribution and synchronization of data across heterogeneous database environments for real-time analytics, reporting, distributed operations and disaster recovery. Sybase Replication Server innovation dramatically reduces latency with moving data between enterprise information stores, addressing challenges with the ever accelerating pace of business.

Sybase is the only company to provide patent-pending High Volume Adaptive Replication (HVAR) technology, which utilizes a groundbreaking optimization technique to intelligently analyze rapidly changing data and deliver only final outcomes. The result is dramatically higher performance compared to existing replication methods. Combined with parallel Data Server Interfaces, enterprises can reduce the time to replicate extremely high volumes of data from hours down to minutes or seconds. Sybase Replication Server also introduces the Real-Time Loading Edition for rapid loading of transactional data from Sybase Adaptive Server® Enterprise (ASE) into the Sybase IQ analytics server. Enterprises operating in markets where seconds and minutes make the difference between profit and loss now have near-instantaneous access to operational data from their Business Intelligence tools, enabling real-time decision making.

“NTT DATA Group provides a broad range of IT services to customers worldwide. Because of our extensive number of customers running a very high volume of OLTP transactions through the network, we were experiencing up to three hour latency in replicating from Sybase ASE to Sybase IQ,” said Masatoshi Yokogawa, Senior Expert, Research and Development, NTT DATA CORPORATION. “When we incorporated Sybase Replication Server Real-Time Loading Edition, the time it took to replicate these transactions was reduced dramatically, from three hours to less than five minutes, giving our customers critical real-time data warehouse capability.”

This latest release includes the following capabilities:

·      Real Time Loading for Sybase IQ – empowering organizations to deliver real-time analytics from ASE to Sybase IQ and through continuous change data capture (CDC) technology.
·      Advanced Performance Services – providing high-volume transaction replication using HVAR technology, significantly reducing transaction latency.
·      New Heterogeneous Capabilities – improving performance in heterogeneous database environments operating Sybase ASE, Oracle®, IBM® DB2® and Microsoft® SQL Server database servers, with parallel Data Server Interface (DSI). Enterprises can also now maintain warm standby applications for Oracle databases.
·      In-Memory Database Replication – enabling ASE on-disk databases to be replicated to ASE in-memory databases.

“In today’s volatile and competitive business climate, enterprises must create agile businesses by tapping into real-time analytics and decision support to quickly predict outcomes and identify risks,” said Brian Vink, Vice President, Data Management products, Sybase. “Replication Server 15.5 gives organizations a data movement platform that will scale with them as they move to the next level of real-time operations and business analytics.”

For the full story, go to

6)  International Sybase User Group Events

The International Sybase User Group (ISUG) sponsors events for Special Interests Groups (SIGs), Virtual User Groups, and members.  Sign up for ISUG Membership for as little as $25 for a basic membership and get access to events and online material.  For more details, visit:

7)  Sybase Events

Seminars, Conferences, Webcasts, Tradeshows, Sports events — whichever way you want to get information from Sybase, they deliver!  Check out future events at:

If you’d like to give feedback on what types of events you think Sybase should offer please email them at

8)  OpenSolaris / Houston User Group for Sun (HUGS) Meeting

The OpenSolaris / Houston User Group for Sun meets on the second Tuesday of every month at the HAL-PC.  The next meeting will be on September 14th.

Web Site:
Subscribe to the mailing list:

9)  Sybase Training Schedule (Aug – Dec)

Sybase Dallas Learning Center
14800 Quorum Drive, Suite 505
Dallas, Texas 75240
Contact:  972-687-6400
Register: 1 800-8-SYBASE

Aug 30, 2010  5 days  System and Database Administration: ASE
Sep 08, 2010  3 days  C# for the PowerBuilder Developer
Sep 13, 2010  5 days  Replication Server 15 Masters
Sep 13, 2010  4 days  Moving to PowerBuilder 11.5
Sep 20, 2010  4 days  Data Modeling with PowerDesigner 15
Oct 11, 2010  5 days  Fast Track to PowerBuilder: Part I
Oct 18, 2010  5 days  Performance and Tuning: Configuring ASE 15
Oct 25, 2010  5 days  Fast Track to Replication Server Administration
Nov 01, 2010  5 days  Fast Track to Adaptive Server Enterprise
Nov 01, 2010  5 days  ASE 15 Migration for DBA’s
Nov 08, 2010  3 days  Business Process Modeling with PowerDesigner 15
Nov 15, 2010 4 days Mastering Transact-SQL Programming: Advanced Tips & Techniques
Nov 29, 2010  5 days  Fast Track to PowerBuilder: Part II
Dec 01, 2010  3 days  Performance and Tuning using MDA Tables
Dec 06, 2010  5 days  Performance and Tuning: ASE 15.0 Query Optimization
Dec 13, 2010  5 days  System and Database Administration: ASE

Please verify class availability with Sybase registration or

Send news to:

Do you have suggestions for our group?  Would you like to present your Sybase solutions to the Sybase Users’ Group of Texas?  The group is always looking for compelling presentations for our monthly meetings.  Let us hear them!
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