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August 2012 Newsletter

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The Sybase Users’ Group of Texas – August 2012 Newsletter

Table of Contents:

 1.    SUG-TX August Meeting  – Enhancements and changes to SAP Sybase ASE

  1. 2.    The New SUG-TX Website is Now Live!
  2. 3.    Future SUG-TX Meetings  
  3. 4.    Join the SUG-TX LinkedIn Group 
  4. 5.    Database & Developer Digest Blog
  5. 6.    Join Sue Dunnell’s PowerBuilder Blog  
  6. 7.    Sybase Events – SAP TechWave
  7. 8.    Sybase Training Schedule  

1)  SUG-TX July  Meeting Enhancements and changes to SAP Sybase ASE

Please join us for the next meeting of the Sybase Users’ Group of Texas, Houston. The meeting will be held on Tuesday, August 28th from 4:00pm to 6:00pm and we are pleased to welcome Raj Rathee as our guest speaker to talk about enhancements and changes to SAP Sybase ASE.

4:00pm: Networking, Introductions, Welcome
4:15pm: Presentation
5:30pm: Q&A
6:00pm: Reception 

Product updates for SAP Sybase ASE have been fast and furious over the last few years, and particularly more so after SAP acquired Sybase. Product development was fast tracked to support SAP Business Suite which now runs on ASE 15.7. ASE is the database of choice for SAP applications. This session will briefly review capabilities of ASE 15.7, and then provide updates on the latest product enhancements. We will also look at upcoming capabilities being targeted for early 2013.

About the Speaker

Raj Rathee is a Senior Manager within the engineering and product management organization at Sybase (SAP), and has been with Sybase for over a decade. Raj currently leads product management responsibilities for SAP Sybase ASE. Raj has spent several years developing high end relational databases at Compaq, Angara and Sybase and holds a Master’s degree in Computer Science from University of Waterloo, Canada.

Location details and registration information can be found at:

Please pass on this invite to your peers and colleagues. It’s a privilege to be able to bring Raj in to speak, so let’s have the best showing we can for him!

The meetings are held at HAL-PC, 4543 Post Oak Place, Suite 200, Houston, TX 77027 (map).  Members frequently continue discussions at Champps Sports Bar after the meeting while waiting for traffic to subside.

2) The New SUG-TX Website is Now Live!

The rebuilding of the Sybase Users’ Group of Texas website is now complete!  You can see the results at  The underlying technology is WordPress.  It is SEO compliant, has almost 10 years of user group activities chronicled, has lots of PowerBuilder resources, has Google maps of our event locations, a calendaring system, social media hooks to Facebook, Twitter, Delicious, and Digg, allows users to create and manage their own accounts, and is fully searchable.  It’s pretty cool, check it out!

3)  Future SUG-TX Meetings

Mark your calendar for future topics for SUG-TX Meetings:

September 25, 2012:  Gradients, Not Glitz: Methods to Modernize PowerBuilder User Experiences

Since PowerBuilder 10.5 introduced DataWindow gradients, only a few applications have used them. Modern applications have controls with gradients. They give a fresh look to an old application. Where developers used solid colors to highlight columns, gradients add nuance, flair and more.

This presentation will show practical methods and guidelines for applying gradients to convey meaning, grouping, and give visual focus. It begins by introducing the basics of gradient properties. The show advances to many types of subtle effects for general visual interest. Examples are “soft spots” or “title bar shades”, focus indicators for rows and columns. Gradients have uses in detail and group bands, and framing free form objects inside–or instead of– group boxes. The audience will see distinctive DataWindow controls like edit text, checkboxes and radio buttons. Property expressions that create data-driven effects convey real meaning in a variety of cases.

Lastly, we will explore the extended PFC (Multi-) Column Sort service. Gradients visually declare when the service is available or not, aiding quality checks. They solve the interface challenge of click-sorting by enhancing column labels. Users see which columns sort forward or backward, by looking at system color gradients. It’s so much more than eye candy. It’s practical!

Jeff Wayt is President of IOBar, Inc., a Houston, Texas, independent software vendor since 1991. He has over 30 years experience in software design and development, both internal and commercial, and 14 years with PowerBuilder.

October 30, 2012:         TechWave Recap


4)  Join the SUG-TX LinkedIn Group

The Sybase Users’ Group of Texas has a group in LinkedIn.  If you wish to join, submit a request.  You can find the group by searching for “Sybase Texas” in the groups directory.  Contact if you have any questions.

5) Database & Developer Digest Blog

Check out the Database & Developer Digest Blog by Adrian Bridgwater at  One of his latest blogs entitled Sybase 365 Tops Olympics 2012 Mobile Medals shares top 5 moments that caused huge peaks in SMS traffic, or as Sybase 365 would like to name them, the Top Five Textworthy Olympic Moments.

6)  Join Sue Dunnell’s PowerBuilder Blog

Did you know that Sue Dunnell, Product Manager for PowerBuilder, blogs about goings on in the PB community on the PowerBuilder Product Manager’s Corner?  .

Sue blogs “There has been a lot of chatter on LinkedIn and other forums with folks wondering what is going on with PowerBuilder at TechEd, and at SAP in general.

First, I want to just communicate that I haven’t been this excited about PowerBuilder and its future in over a decade.There is a lot of support for PowerBuilder within SAP, including support from our senior management team. We are continuing to work on the roadmap for the product and working with other product teams to enable PowerBuilder to integrate with SAP products. As we begin to make final decisions, we’ll make this info available. …”

Follow her blog at

7)  Sybase Events – SAP Techwave

Sybase Seminars, Conferences, Webcasts, Tradeshows, Sports events — whichever way you want to get information from Sybase, they deliver!

Save the Date:   The 2012 SAP Techwave is Oct 15-19 at the Venetian in Las Vegas

Check out future events at:

If you’d like to give feedback on what types of events you think Sybase should offer please email them at

8)  Sybase Training Schedule

Contact:  972-687-6400

Register: 1 800-8-SYBASE

Please verify class availability with Sybase registration or

Send news to:

Do you have suggestions for our group? Would you like to present your Sybase solutions to the Sybase Users’ Group of Texas? The group is always looking for compelling presentations for our monthly meetings. Let us hear them!

Please forward this newsletter to anyone interested in learning more about Sybase products. To be added to or removed from the SUG-TX mailing list, subscribe to the mailing list at the SUG-TX Community on the website. Contact if you have any questions.



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