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January 2013 Newsletter

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  1. SUG-TX January Meeting cancelled
  2. Future SUG-TX Meetings  
  3. Using WordPress To Rebuild The SUGTX.ORG Website
  4. Join the SUG-TX LinkedIn Group 
  5. Database & Developer Digest Blog
  6. ISUG’s new name is Independent SAP Technical User Group
  7. Sybase Training Schedule  


1)  SUG-TX January Meeting cancelled

The Sybase Users’ Group of Texas will not hold a meeting in January. The SUG-TX Board is planning an exciting list of interesting topics and speakers for the 2013 calendar year so make a New Year’s Resolution and join us at the February meeting to learn more.


2)  Future SUG-TX Meetings

Mark your calendar for future topics for SUG-TX Meetings:

February 26                   Monthly Meeting       TBA

March 26                       Monthly Meeting        TBA



3)  Using WordPress To Rebuild The SUGTX.ORG Website

The Sybase User’s Group of Texas recently finalized a rewrite of its website  The site has been completely rebuilt using leading web technologies, including WordPress, commercial-grade WordPress templates, and WordPress widgets. The goal of this effort was to improve the content and maintainability of the SUGTX.ORG site. Visit and let us know what you think about it.


4) Join the SUG-TX LinkedIn Group

The Sybase Users’ Group of Texas has a group in LinkedIn.  If you wish to join, submit a request.  You can find the group by searching for “Sybase Texas” in the groups directory.  Contact if you have any questions.


5) Database & Developer Digest Blog

Check out the Database & Developer Digest Blog by Adrian Bridgwater at  One of his latest blogs talks about SAP’s three ‘ages of HANA. Bridgwater states “The three ‘ages’ of HANA

So we come to the three ‘ages’ of HANA as we can now regard them.

@ Age #1: HANA essentially came from the analytics side and was marketed as a “data mart” and a solution store.

@ Age #3: Then as we moved through OnLine Analytical Processing (OLAP), HANA became positioned as a database for BW i.e. Business Warehousing.

@ Age #3: HANA’s third blossoming phase has seen the technology ultimately running as a transactional system. SAP suggests that if you had asked a techie developer/DBA three years if you could run a column store as a transactional system, the answer would have been no.”  Learn more at

6) ISUG’s new name is Independent SAP Technical User Group

At the Annual ISUG Membership meeting, the members voted to approve a change to ISUG’s legal company name from the “International Sybase User Group” to the “Independent SAP Technical User Group.  Follow the ISUG Member’s Blog at and be the first to know about more upcoming changes.

7)  Sybase Training Schedule

Contact:  972-687-6400

Register: 1 800-8-SYBASE


Please verify class availability with Sybase registration or


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