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October 2012 Newsletter

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  1. SUG-TX October Meeting  – What Happens in Vegas Doesn’t Always Stay in Vegas
  2. Future SUG-TX Meetings  
  3. Rebuilt SUGTX.ORG Website is Now Live!
  4. Join the SUG-TX LinkedIn Group 
  5. Database & Developer Digest Blog
  6. ISUG to Launch PowerBuilder Coaching Team
  7. SAP teaches HANA developer skills online with HANA Academy
  8. Sybase Training Schedule  

1)  SUG-TX October  Meeting –  What Happens in Vegas Doesn’t Always Stay in Vegas

Please join us for the next meeting of the Sybase Users’ Group of Texas, Houston. The meeting will be held on Tuesday, October 23rd from 4:00pm to 6:00pm and we are pleased to have the entire SUG-TX Board  as our guest speakers.

4:00pm: Networking, Introductions, Welcome
4:15pm: Presentation
5:30pm: Q&A
6:00pm: Reception 

The annual SAP TechEd Conference was in Las Vegas on October 15 – 19.  This is the first year that there has not been a separate Sybase TechWave conference, and there were different dynamics and different energies present at this event.  There was a special “PowerBuilder Developer’s Conference” (PBDC) that ran a series of two tracks concurrent with the bulk of SAP TechEd.

Jeff Wayt will give detailed coverage of the PowerBuilder Developer’s Conference, including announcements regarding PowerBuilder’s roadmap, Appeon Mobile Edition, and thumbnail descriptions of the other sessions, as well as other announcements and his perceptions of the event in general.

Bill Smith and John Avery will discuss the SAP ASE aspects of the event, including SAP’s announcements for ASE, HANA, and other industry insider information.

Cynthia Gill, our local chapter secretary and long-time ISUG Board Member will discuss the evolution of ISUG in the post Sybase acquisition world, and relay near term plans for ISUG for the remainder of the year.

Location details and registration information can be found at:

Please pass on this invite to your peers and colleagues.

The meetings are held at HAL-PC, 4543 Post Oak Place, Suite 200, Houston, TX 77027 (map).  Members frequently continue discussions at Champps Sports Bar after the meeting while waiting for traffic to subside.

2)  Future SUG-TX Meetings

Mark your calendar for future topics for SUG-TX Meetings:

November 27                 Monthly Meeting        TBA

3)  Rebuilt SUGTX.ORG Website is Now Live!

The Sybase User’s Group of Texas recently finalized a rewrite of its website  The site has been completely rebuilt using leading web technologies, including WordPress, commercial-grade WordPress templates, and WordPress widgets. The goal of this effort was to improve the content and maintainability of the SUGTX.ORG site. Visit and let us know what you think about it.

4) Join the SUG-TX LinkedIn Group

The Sybase Users’ Group of Texas has a group in LinkedIn.  If you wish to join, submit a request.  You can find the group by searching for “Sybase Texas” in the groups directory.  Contact if you have any questions.

5) Database & Developer Digest Blog

Check out the Database & Developer Digest Blog by Adrian Bridgwater at  One of his latest blogs states “Business Week has reported on plans currently being made by SAP to release a new version of its Sybase Unwired Platform.  The new iteration will reportedly be enriched with tools that let more software application developers create applications for sale through SAP’s online store.

Co-Chief Executive Officer Jim Hagemann Snabe has spoken about a new online development tool (code-named Neo) that lets programmers customise the appearance and feel of SAP applications on smartphones, tablets and PCs.”

6) ISUG to Launch PowerBuilder Coaching Team

The International Sybase User Group (ISUG), a trade association representing more than eight thousand members in more than sixty countries around the globe, is announcing the launch of its new PowerBuilder Coaching Team on October 1st.

The ISUG PowerBuilder Coaches will be responsible for nurturing new and existing PowerBuilder user groups by assisting and inspiring user group leaders with fresh and exciting new content to be presented at their user group meetings.

“Over time we have had user groups meeting regularly, irregularly, periodically, occasionally, and all of the above,” commented Anne Walker, ISUG President. “In almost all cases though, the main reason for meetings not being held or being canceled was a lack of compelling content to present to user group members. Anyone who has been involved with a user group will tell you that getting someone to volunteer and give a presentation can be difficult primarily because they haven’t had the opportunity or the guidance needed to cystallize their knowledge into something that other users would find valuable.”

ISUG has formed a team of experts in SAP Sybase PowerBuilder that will be creating content for user group meetings. These sessions are not open to the general membership but instead will be attended by delegates of user groups around the world. Those people will in turn present the content back to their own user groups.

7)  SAP teaches HANA developer skills online with HANA Academy

Newly launched this week is the HANA Academy, a free online resource with instructional videos and live and recorded webinars designed to teach “anyone” to learn how to operate the SAP HANA platform.

Videos are divided into two sections, “Projects” and “How-To’s” — projects are designed to help users learn SAP HANA by performing a task, while how-to videos teach a particular function or feature.

“SAP HANA, the industry-leading platform for real-time analytics and applications, is now available in ‘real-time’ on AWS,” said Dr. Vishal Sikka, member of the SAP executive board, technology & innovation.

“With the introduction of SAP HANA One on AWS, the application and database services in SAP HANA and SAP HANA Academy for knowledge sharing, we have simplified the application development experience by collapsing the artificial layers between transactions, analytics and application servers.”

Users can find HANA Academy at the following


8)  Sybase Training Schedule

Contact:  972-687-6400

Register: 1 800-8-SYBASE

Please verify class availability with Sybase registration or

Send news to:

Do you have suggestions for our group? Would you like to present your Sybase solutions to the Sybase Users’ Group of Texas? The group is always looking for compelling presentations for our monthly meetings. Let us hear them!

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