2009 Archive

January 2009 Newsletter

The SUG-TX January 27th Meeting is cancelled, please plan to attend the January 29th PowerBuilder 11.5 Road Show instead.

Please note that you must be an ISUG member to attend the afternoon hands-on…

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February 2009 Newsletter

Meeting Resources:
* PowerBuilder 11.5 Deep Dive (PDF) 5.3 MB

“Sybase PowerBuilder 11.5 Deep Dive”
The presentation was a Deep Dive into the PowerBuilder 11.5 release, hosted by Don Clayton of I…

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March 2009 Newsletter

Table of Contents:

1)   SUG-TX March 24th Meeting – ASE Cluster Edition Overview
2)   Highlights: SUG-TX February 24th Meeting
3)   Future SUG-TX Meetings
4)   TechWave Goes Global as Sybase…

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April 2009 Newsletter

PowerBuilder 11 creates applications that run in the .NET Common Language Runtime (CLR), and once a PowerBuilder application is running in .NET there is a new universe of capability and functionality…

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